CMS stands for Content Management System. But what it should stand for is Content Made Simple. If you’ve been dreaming about a great looking, easy-to-use website, but it has always seemed too hard, now is the time to take the EasyCMS route.

You'll have the power of your website in your own hands. Control the way your site looks and feels by adding a little electricity with a customized design. And for a peak performance, play around with the menu manager and see what you like. If you need to make immediate changes, you are set up to do it yourself...without a developer making a house call. Easy as that.

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We offer you all the features of a custom site, but for less. Pick what you need and leave what you don’t.

  • Main Menu Manager
  • Choice of 1, 2 or 3 Column Layouts
  • Custom Theme
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Footer Widgets
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Domain Configuration


Change the look of your site as your company evolves. Add a little zing and custom feel to your site with a variety of layout and editing options.

  • Editing made easy, anytime you want
  • Change the layout of the site, based on your ever changing needs 
  • Create content under your control
  • Enhance your user experience on the fly
  • Add more features, updates and buttons as you see fit
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