You need a website. You’ve been meaning to create one for awhile now, but you’re not sure you can afford it. Plus, it seems like a lot of work. But our EasyCMS is, well...easy, and it's affordable for small businesses too.

Easy to setup, easy to use and easy to maintain.

Five steps and you’re set. That's it. 


  1. Choose Your Ingredients. 

    Decide how many Pages you want in the mixMost sites use four to five pages like: Home, About Us, Services, Products and Contact Us. Go ahead and give ‘em fun names. Just try it. We know you’ll like it.

  1. Write Out the Recipe.

    Get organized by first lining up your Pages in Word and separating them with clever headlines. Then, fill it up with interesting information your customers want to know. Think of it as a template you can play with and move around until your information starts making sense. And when you’re ready, simply use the copy/paste from Word feature and you’re golden. Don’t worry, you can always edit this before publishing.

  1. Spice it Up.

    Do a little dreaming. What do you want your site to look like? Have you seen other sites that you like? Make a list of links, color options and photo styles that stand out in your mind. You could even send us your company’s Pinterest Page. Share your ideas and we’ll use that as our inspiration board. From there, we can help create a unique look for your brand.

  1. Add the Secret Sauce.

    Photos enhance the user experience and they can make or break a site, so don’t forget to add this specialty item. A CD, flash card or emailed set of photos works just fine. Whatever format you have, send them in to us right away and we’ll size and place them on your site. Read more about custom photography.
  1. Get it Cookin’.

    Follow steps 1-4 to a tee and once your content is simmering, we come in and turn up the heat. We’ll add the finishing touches and make sure you get the perfect blend. When it all looks just right, we present the finished product and launch your site.


EasyCMS sites can be up and running in a month or less, but we can only do it once all the elements are decided, so start gathering your photos and writing your content. 

Our EasyCMS sites offer the best of both worlds - flexibility and expandability - so you can decide what ingredients you want to add, when you want them.


You’re in luck! We can help you figure out your content and graphics. It’s kind of what we’re good at.

EasyCMS is backed by a full service Web, graphics and writing ad agency, Absolute Marketing Group. Our staff has successfully launched over 100 sites. From an array of budgets, industries and goals, our award-winning staff of writers, graphic designers and Web developers can help with any or all your development needs - from custom photo shoots to content development to logo creation. And our expert staff of project managers will work with you through the entire process.