What You See is What You Get: EasyCMS

WYSIWYG editors take the pain out of content editing. They set you up to enjoy the process, making it simple and fun! Absolute’s EasyCMS incorporates this type of editor very nicely, so you don’t have to wait and wonder how it will look. It frees you up from the complications of Web design, and allows you focus on what you came to do: Sell your brand with quality content.

Customizing Your Site: Stock Photography vs. Custom Photography

How many websites do you look at every day? 10? 100? The truth is, we look at so many, that even analytics experts can’t pinpoint an average number. In fact, it’s so many that they don’t even use actual amounts any longer, instead they convert usage in hours. For example, the average web user is online more that 75 hours each month. That’s a lot of surfing! And in the same way people claim to…

To Self-Update or Not: That Is The Question

When you purchase a CMS, generally all of your content is uploaded to your Website by the agency you hired (it’s included in the price). But information changes, employees get hired (or fired), career opportunities open up…you get the gist. When that happens, someone has to be in charge of those updates. This is where the conundrum begins.

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